linquio it is a free online service to create short and easy to remember urls.

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Short urls are perfect for:

  • Social Networks
  • SMS
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • QR Codes
  • Files Sharing
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Social Networks

Social Networks are friendly, communicative, humans. Create usable urls, easy to share and remember. Also, some as Twitter has characters limit, and we don't want to waste them.


Text messaging in mobile devices (SMS) is used by thousands and thousands of persons and companies world wide. Use at maximum this communication channel where size does matter.

QR Codes

QR Codes has gain popularity lately because of the comfort they bring to share web content on an fast and easy way. And as "cleaner" is the url that you want to share, better.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing everyday takes more and more strength. Daily, hundreds of landing pages and full web sites, where remembering your mame or brand is priority, are created to offer services and products.

Affiliates Marketing

El Marketing de Afiliados es un mercado que mueve miles de dolares al dia. Aqui las urls son pieza fundamental debido a la informacion que ellas contienen. Oculta toda esta informacion generando urls cortas.

Files Sharing

Compartir Archivos es una de las acciones mas realizadas por los usuarios de internet. Pero para nadie es una mentira que las urls generadas por las paginas que ofrecen dicho servicio son complejas. Simplificalas.

VisitorLinquio UserEnterprise PlanPremium Plan
Requires RegistrationNoYesYesYes
Urls QuantityUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Url Length14 characters minimumCustomizable (14 characters minimum)*Customizable (12 characters minimum)*Customizable (11 characters minimum)*
Customizable UrlsNoYes (From 6 characters and on)*Yes (From 4 characters and on)*Yes (From 3 characters and on)*
Urls ExpiresYes (15 days)NoNoNo
Dashboard AccessNoYesYesYes
Urls LibraryNoYesYesYes
Urls EditionNoNoYesYes
API IntegrationNoNoYesYes
A/B TestingNoNoNoYes
Iframe IntegrationNoNoNoYes DomainNoNoNoYes
SupportNoLow Priority (Ticket)High Priority (Ticket)High Priority (Ticket + Chat)
PriceFreeFreeUSD $59.99 / yearUSD $99.99 / year
No urls expiration, customize the urls, check stats and many more... and COMPLETELY FREE!